Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Holiday Sock Drive

'Tis the Season of Giving

The holidays are all about being generous and spreading cheer. A lot of times, gifts that we give to each other are items that are wanted - not needed. What if we change that? Even though we are thankful for any sort of gift, the ones that fill a need are always the most appreciated - and useful.

For the whole month of December, is giving gifts that are needed AND wanted.

For every order placed, we are going to donate one pair of socks to someone in need. 

In partnership with Love INC

Love INC is an organization that connects Christian volunteers with neighbors in need. Local Christian churches come together to address and respond to the needs of their communities. "In the process, we are all transformed, needs are met, and joy becomes our shared reality." 

Together, we want to respond to the needs in our community. Socks are the least donated and most needed piece of clothing. Minnesota winters can be very cold and brutal, and we don't want anyone to go without.

Help us spread the word, and make someone's holiday season a little brighter - and a lot warmer! 

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