Monday, August 5, 2013

How to Maintain Your Fabric Banners

Tips for Maintaining the Life of Your Fabric Banners

Fabric banners are printed using a direct dye sublimation printing process. They are typically used indoors but they can be hung outdoors too. We have some tips to help you maintain the life of your fabric banners.

Hanging your Fabric Banner
Fabric banners are usually finished with sewn hems and grommets placed every 2-4 feet around the perimeter of the banner. When you are hanging your banner, you should use all of the grommets provided to prevent your banner from tearing or ripping. You can use bungee cords, hanging clips, ropes and zip ties to help secure your banner. Pole pockets are also available for fabric banners for easy hanging. You should avoid direct sunlight to avoid fading.

Cleaning your Fabric Banner
If your fabric banner is exposed to the elements, it might require occasional cleaning. Fabric banners can be washed in cold water on the gentle cycle. We recommend air drying the banner first. If needed, you can tumble dry on low to get rid of wrinkles.

Ironing Fabric Banners
We do not recommend ironing the fabric. However, if you feel that your banner needs to be ironed, we suggest starting with a small portion of the banner and starting on the lowest setting to prevent damage.

Storing your Fabric Banner
Fabric banners are rolled onto a cardboard core and shipped in a box. You should keep the cardboard core and box for storing your banner when it is not in use. You should roll the fabric around the core. We do not recommend folding the fabric as this will cause creases. You should also avoid windows or other direct sunlight to prevent the banner from fading.

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