Friday, October 11, 2013

Featured Banner Stand: Adjustable X Banner Stand

Adjustable X Banner Stand with 72" x 35" Full Color Banner

Adjustable X Banner Stand: Front Side
Front Side
Adjustable X Banner Stand: Back Side
Back Side
The Adjustable X Banner Stand has telescoping arms that collapse for easy set up and storage. The arms form an "X" shape and can accommodate a banner from 20" to 35" wide and 45" to 72" high.

Adjustable X Stand Information:
The kit includes the X stand, a 72" by 35" full color banner and a carrying case. The banner can be printed on 13 oz vinyl, 14 oz no curl vinyl or banner soft fabric. Click here to for more information about the Adjustable X Banner Stand.

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  1. Your selection of a perfect outdoor banner stand keeps a great relevance to convey your message.

    Katie Lennon