Monday, June 9, 2014

Fine Art Photography Banners

Vinyl Banners Printed for Fine Art Photography by Bill Shipp printed some full color vinyl banners for Fine Art Photography by Bill Shipp. 

Fine Art Photography by Bill Shipp Banner
Fine Art Photography by Bill Shipp Banner
Here's what Bill had to say about his online ordering experience: 
"I must say that the design and ordering process at was a pure pleasure compared to other graphics and printing sites that I checked out. I uploaded my own complete banner image, scaled to size, and everything went smooth as clockwork. Saving and changing images until I got them the way I wanted them was a breeze, and the checkout process was wonderfully simple. The website is chock full of information and practically walks the customer through the entire process, including image preparation prior to uploading. Once I placed my order, it was only a matter of a few hours until I received the proof via email, and all necessary correspondence was addressed in a very timely manner. I ordered five banners, all different images, and they arrived seven days after I placed the order. Shipping and handling for the five banners was a very modest $12.61. Given the ridiculously low price of the banners, I was more than a little skeptical of the quality I would receive. However, when I opened the box and got my first look, all I could think was "WOW!!!". The quality GREATLY exceeded my expectations! The only negative thing I can say is that the banners had a noticeable blue color cast that was not apparent in the proof, but with the content of my images, it did not adversely affect the visual impact that I was looking for. It is a true shame that more companies don't offer the same pleasant online shopping experience that provides. Having just received the banners, I cannot attest to the durability of the products, but for everything else, I would highly recommend this company!"
Fine Art Photography by Bill Shipp Banner |
Fine Art Photography by Bill Shipp Banner
Thank you for choosing! We're so glad to hear that you liked our website and had a great ordering experience. We look forward to working with you again!

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