Monday, April 11, 2016

Anna Lindsey's Sewing Basket Banners

Vinyl Banners Printed for a Craft Show recently printed some vinyl banners for Anna Lindsey's Sewing Basket. She used the banners at a local craft show. 

Here's what Anna had to say about her order:
Desiree - thank you so much for getting my banner to me so quickly! I thought you might enjoy the photo I've attached. It's just a quick phone photo that I took at the end of my craft show this afternoon. The long one was clipped on the front of my booth as I didn't have time to put it in the sleeve that fits across the front. However, I thought it looked great and was really easy to read! I will definitely come back to! Your customer service was OUTSTANDING! 5 stars to you!
Anna Lindsey's Sewing Basket Booth Display |
Anna Lindsey's Sewing Basket Booth
 If you have an upcoming trade show, or craft show and have a booth, head over to - we can help you get the right signage to make your booth stand out! 

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