Friday, July 19, 2013

Gold CMYK Color Mixes for Printing Banners

List of Common Gold CMYK Colors for Banner Printing

Vinyl banners are digitally printed in full color using the CMYK color mix. Some colors will look good on your computer screen, but they will print differently. Gold is one of the trickiest colors to get right for digitally printed banners, so we've put together some of the common gold color mixes that print correctly. We recommend using one of the color mixes below when you design your files in Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop.
Designer Tip: Be sure you're in the CMYK color mode, not the RGB color mode
Gold CMYK Colors for Digitally Printed Banners
Gold CMYK Colors for Digitally Printed Banners
Gold CMYK Color Mixes: 0-32-66-0, 7-55-100-34, 0-27-100-0, 0-35-70-0, 5-46-100-21, 3-36-100-6, 0-45-69-0
Click here for more common CMYK color mixes

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