Friday, November 8, 2013

Online Designer: How to Align your Text

New Online Designer Feature: Left Align, Center Align or Right Align Text

We updated our online designer to make it easy for you to align your text. You can now have your text align to the left, right or center of your design with the click of a button! 

How to Align Text in the Online Designer
Click on the "Add TEXT" button to add a text box to the online designer.

You can either double click the text to edit it, or click on the left menu and edit the text there. You can change the font and color. You can re-size the text by selecting one of the 8 circles on the red line and moving your mouse. If you click "Ctrl" and drag the text it will keep its proportions.

Once you have the text formatted as you want, go to the left sidebar and look for the alignment box at the bottom. You will have to have your text selected in order to view the alignment area. Click on the left align button, the center align button or the right align button to move the text. The left align and the right align will automatically move your text box in a little bit for the hems and grommets.

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