Thursday, February 25, 2016

How to Change a Banner Retractor

Remove and Replace Banner Retractor Banners

Did you know that you can replace your banner in our Retractable Banner Stands? Well, you can! Watch this video for step by step instructions!

Removal of Current Banners:

  1. Remove the steel pin located on the bottom of the retractor base. Pull the banner out of the retractor all while rolling it up.
  2. Once the banner is all the way rolled up, place the steel pin on the side of retractor. By placing the pin in the correct hole, this will keep the banner from being pulled back inside the retractor base.
  3. Now place the banner and retractor on a table and carefully remove the tape.
  4. Flip the banner and retractor over and remove tape from backside **the longer the tape has had to adhere, the stickier it will be.
  5. Once the tape has been removed slide the old banner off to the side and unroll. You should be able to pop open the "Snap Frame" with a bit of force.

Installing a Replacement Banner:

  1. Roll up new banner and place the top into the "Snap Frame" and pop shut with a bit of force. Be sure that the banner is evenly placed in before snapping shut. This will help avoid wrinkles and crooked banners.
  2. Starting with the "Snap Frame" roll up the banner. Be sure to tuck in metal hook to help avoid scratching the new banner
  3. Line up the bottom of the new banner with the black line on the banner retractor.
  4. Measure out the correct amount of tape and apply. Be sure to place the tape half over a portion of the new banner and a portion over the retractor paper. Trim off any excess tape that may be sticking out of the banner. This could prevent the banner from retracting properly
  5. Flip the banner and retractor over and repeat step 4 on the back side of the banner
  6. Flip out the legs of the retractor and place on the ground. With a firm grip on the banner pull out steel pin from the side of the retractor and allow the banner to slowly retract into the retractor base. 
**Once the steel pin is removed the retractor will immediately pull on the banner with force. Pull banner in and out of the retractor a couple of times to make sure the banner is retracting straight. 

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