Friday, October 14, 2016

New Jersey Primary Care Association Banners

Vinyl Banners Printed for NJPCA printed some vinyl banners for the New Jersey Primary Care Association (NJPCA). Here's what Lauren had to say about the order:
Dear Christianna:

It gives me great pleasure and joy to take a moment to thank you for your outstanding customer service on a few last minute projects with New Jersey Primary Care Association. I was so thrilled with your willingness to spend hours with us creating, editing, modifying, advising and listening to us vent as our vision for a few projects evolved.

Since we are nonprofit, we are often limited with funding. For this reason, we were last minute on this request, but were ecstatic to bring the banners project to life. When we received news of funding sponsorship for this project, we came to you with full energy and a million ideas. You got us under control, worked directly with us, magically took over our computer screens with your software and were so so so patient!!!!!

NJPCA serves a healthcare community who works with the uninsured, homeless, veterans, migrant farm workers and often those that are not treated with the greatest of respect. These banners helped us put on the best Annual Conference ever and truly showed how much professionalism and pride these providers have for their work.

We will be coming back to again….free up your schedule!!!!! Endless thanks to you Christianna. You are customer service excellence!!!! I owe you a coffee!

All my best-
New Jersey Primary Care Association Event Banners |
New Jersey Primary Care Association Event Banners

NJPCA Event Banners - Printed by
NJPCA Event Banners
New Jersey Primary Care Association Banners |
New Jersey Primary Care Association Banners
Thank you so much for sharing your photos and story with us! We look forward to seeing your next project! 

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