Thursday, December 15, 2016

Meet our Rep Anicko

Meet our Customer Service Rep Anicko

We have an awesome team of Customer Service Reps! All of our reps are trained graphic designers. Anicko is one of our reps in our Las Vegas facility. Rep - Anicko Rep - Anicko
Anicko answered a few questions for us:
  • Favorite Color: I love all pastel colors
  • Favorite Book: The Little Prince
  • Favorite Animal: I am a dog and cat person, though I've been having dreams that I have a pet sloth. It might be a sign that I should get one. Just Kidding!
  • If you could pick anyone in history as a mentor, who would you pick and why? Bruce Lee. So I can always defend myself.
  • The best part of waking up is? Seeing my two sons' sleeping faces. They're so cute!
  • Earliest Childhood Memory: When I was 5, I used to hang out with my mom's employees and I ask them what they have for lunch and mooch off of them. i told you I like food!
  • What is your favorite product that we sell? My favorite is our Calendared Vinyl Decals! I am going to be purchasing some for my car and my husband's car!
If you work with Anicko, feel free to start a conversation with her about one of her favorite things!

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