Thursday, December 21, 2017

5 Ways to Design an Effective Sign

Getting the Most out of Your Sign - 5 Tips & Tricks!

1. Hierarchy of Wording

Make sure that the most important text is either at the top or is the largest, and the least important is the smallest. That way, if someone glances at the sign for only a few seconds they know the purpose of the sign.
   Good Hierarchy                               Not-So-Good Hierarchy

2. Alignment
If you are designing a sign with text and photos it always makes a design more appealing to look at if the elements in the design are lined up. (i.e. if your text is in the center, your photo should be in the center as well)

      Good Alignment                                Not-So-Good Alignment

3. Color Contrast
It is important to make sure that the color of the text and the background of a design have enough contrast. When the colors are too similar, it makes the text hard to read and they can blend together if someone is reading the sign from a distance.

      Good Contrast                                     Not-So-Good Contrast

4. Design Elements
Sometimes in a design less can be more. Keeping the number of design elements (photos, text, clip art) to a minimum helps create a sign that is clean and easy to understand.

Nice, Clean Design                                   Busy Design 

5. Number of Fonts
Different fonts can be fun to play around with, but too many different fonts in one design can make it look unorganized. Limiting the design to one or two fonts makes everything look more cohesive and keeps the text easier to read.

Easy to Read                                            Hard to Read 

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