Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Church Banners and Signs

Common Church Banner and Sign Uses 

There are lots of ways Churches can use banners and signs to make an impact.  Church banners and signs are typically made out of vinyl, but we also have fabric church banners available. Churches can hang banners inside or outside for holidays like Easter and Christmas or events like Advent, Lent, Confirmation, First Communion, Sunday School and Pentecost.

Indoor Church Banner and Sign Uses

Lots of churches hang banners and signs with scripture reading and Psalms inside the church. Banners can also be used as backdrops.Banners are commonly used inside the church to let people know where to go. Examples include where the nursery is, where the office is, where the Sunday School rooms are, where the bathrooms are and where the choir meets.

Outdoor Church Banner and Sign Uses

Banners can be placed outside Churches to display the service times, Sunday School times and the church contact information. They can also be used to let guests know they are welcome. If there are special events, like Baptisms, First Communion and Confirmation, a church can display a banner outside so people know what's going on. Special services like Lent, Easter and Christmas can also be promoted with outdoor banners. Bible schools, church camps and other youth events also use banners for registration booths, activity booths and to direct people where to go.

Church Banner Templates

We have lots of Church Banner Templates created. The templates are fully customizable - you can add text, clip art, photographs, logos and backgrounds.
Template categories include Confirmation, First Communion, Baptism, Advent, Lent, Sunday School, Pentecost, Christmas and Easter.

How else do you use Church Banners and Signs? Leave a comment with other ideas!


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