Thursday, May 9, 2013

How to Make a Graduation Banner

How to Make a Graduation Banner

Graduation Banners are an excellent way to congratulate someone on their graduation. But, how do you make a custom graduation banner? At it's easy to get a graduation banner. We have graduation banner templates already built for you to customize by adding text, photographs, clipart and backgrounds.

Getting Started on Your Graduation Banner

To get started, go to our Graduation Banner Page. Graduation Banners Page

Once you are on the page, there are three easy steps
  • Step 1: Choose Size and Quantity
  • Step 2: Choose Add-Ons
  • Step 3: Choose Design Method
 Selecting the Banner Size and Quantity

The first step is to select the banner size and quantity. Our most common sizes are 3' x 6' banners and 4' x 8' banners, but you can get any size up to 16' by 50' without seams.

Step 1: Choose Size and Quantity

Choosing the Banner Add Ons / Finishing Options

Our standard finishing for vinyl banners is hems and grommets. This makes the banner durable and easy to hang. We also have pole pockets, reinforced corners and reinforced hems. When you select the different options, you will see the price adjust.
Step 2: Choose Add Ons

Choosing your Design Method: Pick a Template, Upload a File or Let Us Design

We have three different ways to order graduation banners. You can pick one of our templates, upload a file that you have already created, or you can have one of our graphic designers design the banner for you.

We will be discussing picking a template and designing your banner in the online designer.

Pick a Graduation Banner Template to Customize

Now is the fun part - picking a graduation banner template!

How to Start Designing a Graduation Banner Template

Once you have picked a template, all you have to do is put your mouse over the template and click on the "Customize Template" button. This will take you into the online designer. All of the templates are fully customizeable.

View of the Template in the Online Designer
Once you are in the designer, you can add a photograph of the graduate, you can add clipart from our clipart library, you can change the background images, and you can add and change the text. In order to select these options, click on the buttons at the top of the designer
Add Text, Add Clipart, Upload Image or Add Background Buttons

Selecting Graduation Clipart

Click on the "Add CLIPART" Button. This will open up a popup of all of our clipart. Scroll down until you reach the "Graduations" category. When you click, the graduation clipart will load.

Graduation Clipart

Click on an image and it will be added to your design. You can then re-size and rotate the image.

Adding Backgrounds / Changing Backgrounds

If you would like to browse the backgrounds, click on the "Add BCKGND" Button. This will open a popup of all of our backgrounds. Scroll down until you find a category. Click on the category and it will load all of the backgrounds.
Pick a Background

Click on a background you want to load and click the "Insert Background" button.

Once you have finished your design and you would like to begin the checkout process, click on the "Accept Design" button. If you would like to design another banner, or select another product, click on the "Save for Later" button.

Click here for more information on how to use the online designer. If you would like to get started on your graduation banner, click here to go to our graduation banner page.

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