Thursday, June 20, 2013

How to Order Bowed Flags

Step by Step Instructions on How to Order a Flying Banner Display

Bowed Flags or Flying Banner Displays
Bowed Flags, or Flying Banner Displays are outdoor fabric flags. They are commonly used to draw attention to a business, a sales event or a grand opening. They are printed on a lightweight mirror fabric material and come in three different shapes with several different bases. We have Rectangle Flags, Razor Flags and Tear Drop Flags. Each product will display the sizing, pricing and template information.

How to Order Bowed Flags
Bowed flags have a curved shape, so we do not offer a design online option for this product. You will need to work with one of our graphic designers / customer service representatives. You can either have your flag designed for you, or you can design the file yourself using our templates.

Work with a Graphic Designer
If you want a graphic designer to design the bowed flag you can either call them (320.965.9300) or email them with your instructions. Please note our office hours are Monday - Friday from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm CST.

Designing your Own Files: View Bowed Flag Templates
If you are going to be designing your own files, we have templates available for each size of flying banner display. Click on the desired size template from the product page to download it.

About the Flying Banner Display Templates
The templates are a PDF file that you can download from our website. The template will have three lines, the bleed area, the finished size and the safe area.
Template Key for Flying Banner Displays
Bowed Flag Template Key
About the Bleed Area:
The bleed area is fabric that will be printed, but is used for finishing the product. You should have your background colors and images extend into this area.

About the Finished Size Area:
The finished size is the area of the flag that is still visible after the finishing. You should have your background colors and images extend into this area.

About the Safe Area:
The safe area is the area where your flags content will appear. It is important that you keep all logos, images and text within this area or you won't be able to see it after finishing.You must convert all fonts to outlines and images must be embedded.

Ordering Your Flying Banner Display
Once you have designed your flying banner display using the templates provided, you can email them to our customer service representatives and they will process your order.

Click a product to get started: Rectangle FlagsRazor Flags or Tear Drop Flags.

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